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Languages Alive is flexible and strives to meet your expectations and needs. We adapt to your own timetable and give you the best solutions to your requests.

We offer Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in which we have a great deal of expertise.

Our lessons are innovative, include a great deal of cultural awareness which avoids communication failure in business.

Closing a deal with a foreign client will be much easier if the client’s language is spoken and if their customs and traditions are well understood.

i.e. In Latin America, when speaking Spanish the use of “Usted” (You formal) is a sign of respect and it is a must when there is not a close relationship, even more than in Spain. Not using the appropriate personal pronoun in this case “Usted” is regarded as lack of politeness. In some countries such as Mexico not using this pronoun properly might be interpreted as a sign of arrogance and pretentiousness.

Therefore, it is not only the language that counts but the culture which dictates “dos” and “don’ts”

Our business language courses will assure your employee will master the language and will be aware of the cultural communication differences giving them the tools to avoid communication failure and be successful in achieving their targets.

We offer:

  • Intensive Courses at your office
  • One-to-One tailor-made tuition
  • Study trips abroad
  • Team building activities with our innovative language and cooking workshops

CONTACT US TODAY WITH YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS so that we may tailor a course just for you.

Contacting us places you under no obligation and we will not pester you unless specifically requested.

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