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Raffaella Palumbo

Cooking and Conversation with Raffaella

Languages Alive founder, Raffaella, is a CLTA (Certificate in Teaching Languages to Adults) qualified Italian teacher with a joint Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French achieved at Kingston University, Surrey. A languages teacher to adults and children since 2002, Raffaella has developed excellent interpersonal skills which enable her to easily adapt to different environments and to work with people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Raffaella is an outgoing, hardworking professional who offers an absolute commitment to clients’ needs. She has also worked in the finance and tourism industries. Her great passions are cooking, her family and travelling the world to taste new cuisines and experience different cultures. Raffaella has achieved a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions at Birkbeck University, a world-class research and teaching institution in London.



Inspiring people to embrace diverse languages and cultural values to facilitate integration in the host country, see educational travel,  adult language courses, children’s language coursestailored language courses,and tailored language course for business  



Understanding Language and Culture with Languages Alive

Thanks to our experience in education, we have developed an effective approach to teaching languages, which we are proud to offer you, consisting of a good combination of teaching methods that consider various kinds of learning styles. Our aim is to make learners feel at ease by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Our approach is based on providing our students with a solid base of grammar, which helps them to have an in depth understanding of the language structure and develop their analytical skills. We include cultural awareness as a key factor for confidence so that students feel “at home”     when visiting the target country.




All our teachers are native speakers, fully qualified with a great deal of experience in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language. They are fully aware of the importance of culture when teaching a language. Therefore, they will help you to establish a strong link between language and culture which is essential to really understand the language at its core. In addition, they are gifted with outstanding interpersonal skills and therefore excel in establishing a constructive and a positive relationship with clients which is essential in the learning process.