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Italian, French, English & Spanish
Language classes in London for adults and children

What we offer ?

Choose between English, Italian, Spanish & French; learn the language and its culture, fundamental to interact with native speakers. We want you to be able to communicate fluently and correctly, that is why we focus on conversational skills and we give you a strong grammar knowledge at the same time.

  • Professionals qualified native speakers thrilled to teach their language
  • Competitive prices and free consultation
  • A great deal of experience in teaching modern languages to businesses
  • One to one and small group classes in greater London for adults and children
  • Fun Italian, Spanish or French cooking workshops for adults and children
  • Unique Italian Cultural Experiences in Italy & London
  • Online Italian with cooking programme for beginners - First class is Free!
  • Junior Study Holidays in UK, USA, Ireland,Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, France and Costa Rica

Languages Alive has a gift for you!

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Our Languages Courses in London

Check out what we offer and let your language experience start here!


One To One & Small Group Tuition for Adults & Children

Our language classes in London are carried out only by qualified, native speaker tutors with a great deal of experience in teaching their mother tongue. Tailored language classes are an effective solution that will speed up the learning process allowing you to achieve your goals fast.

Fun Cooking Workshops for Children in London

We combine our love for modern languages with our passion for healthy homemade food. Involve your children in this exciting initiative. Give your child the gift of language!

Fun cooking workshops for children in London

Language Business Courses in Greater London

Our language business courses will assure your employees will master the language and will be aware of the cultural communication differences giving them the tools to avoid communication failure and be successful in achieving their goals.

Why you can trust Language Alive


Adults, young people and children will also benefit from our tutors’ expertise, Languages Alive service strives to place only the most suitable tutors who are amazing with kids.

All tutors teaching children are DBS checked in accordance with Government regulations.

Our tutors will assess your level and will work around your needs and schedule, in fact another great advantage of private language classes is flexibility.

Reviewed by The Guardian


Thanks to our extensive experience in the education field, we have developed an effective approach for teaching languages, which we are proud to offer you. it consists of a combination of teaching methods that consider various kinds of learning styles.

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