10 Reasons Why You Will Love Learning Italian

why you will love learning Italian

Italian is one of the most alluring languages in the world, by living and learning Italian you can explore the authenticity of the history and culture born in this beautiful country. Learning and understanding a second language really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. I will explain to you why you will love speaking one of the major European languages spoken all over the world!


1 – Beauty of the language

Italy is not only just a beautiful country; it is home to the language of romance. Every word spoken flows into a sentence like a song, as the tongue carries the harmonious rhythm. Instead of sharing a basic toned conversation, Italian speakers sound like they are creating a romantic ballad with the masculine and feminine word endings caressing to form a powerful song.

We may say the word “bello” as a response to everything, however, beauty summarizes the magical skill of speaking Italian!

2 – Food and drink

Italian culture is the foundation of the loving and social community within the country. Society revolves around sharing the love of hearty food and drink. Italian cuisine is popular all over the world, especially in the Western society who love pasta, pizza and wine.

By learning to speak Italian, you will be able to understand the traditional ingredients that create the mouth-watering dishes and discover the regions that produce the finest wine. Moreover, you can impress your waiter in your favorite restaurant by ordering in Italian and share your knowledge of the cuisine.

And more, you can impress your guests if you learn how to cook traditional authentic Italian food! Watch my video and learn Italian while making parmigiana aubergines (egg plants) with Nonna Lena who still cooks at the age of 96.

After the video reinforce what you learned by taking the fun test I designed for you.

To help you out I also give you the ingredients below:

  • Melanzane
  • Sale
  • Pomodori
  • Basilico
  • Cipolla
  • Uova
  • Farina
  • Olio di girasole
  • Parmigiano
  • Mozzarella

 traditional authentic Italian food

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Parmigiana Aubergines Quiz

1 / 26

To make melanzane alla parmigiana Nonna used

2 / 26

Pelare in Italian is

3 / 26


4 / 26


5 / 26

To cut in Italian is

6 / 26


7 / 26


8 / 26

Colander is

9 / 26

Bitter is

10 / 26

The aubergines need to be in salt for

11 / 26

Pentola is

12 / 26

To take off in Italian is

13 / 26

Nonna Lena

14 / 26

Nonna Lena sta

15 / 26

Friggiamo le melanzane con

16 / 26

Un uovo is

17 / 26

Uova is

18 / 26

Tuorlo is

19 / 26

Albume is

20 / 26

To beat the eggs in Italian is

21 / 26

The most important verb for Italians is

22 / 26


23 / 26


24 / 26

Tomato sauce in Italian is

25 / 26

Layers in Italian is

26 / 26

To put into the oven is

Your score is

The average score is 71%



3 – History

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Italy to explore the enormous history of the country, being able to speak the language will give you the real experience of understanding the names of iconic buildings, streets etc.

Also, you will gain experience of speaking words of past and present tense when sharing historic information with the people around you. Here is a fun fact for you, the English language is inspired by Latin vocabulary. Therefore, English speakers are more similar to Italian speakers than you may have thought!

italy food


4 – Travel

Planning on travelling around Italy or to a specific region?

Being able to communicate with the local community will give you an extensive advantage in understanding Italian culture. You will experience the different dialects and accents of the different communities which will show you how powerful and beautiful the language is.

Even travelling within the cities or towns by public transport, taxis or driving being able to read and speak the language offers you the authentic adventure of exploring Italy.


5 – Heritage

If you come from an Italian background why not learn the mother tongue of your ancestry!? Reconnecting with your past will open your mind into learning the culture; such as history, art and community.

Still have family who live in Italy? Reach out to them and connect your ties. Family is vital within the Italian community, so why wouldn’t you want to learn how to communicate with them?

Get learning now!

6 – Art

Italy was at the heart of the Renaissance where the rebirth of art was explored through paintings, literature, music etc. Even before the dramatic renaissance movement, art was still majorly prevalent in society; including Medieval art during the middle ages.

The list goes on! Instead of translating the subject matter of the artist’s work, learn for yourself where you can get the first hand meaning behind the artwork as translations do not always pick up the true meaning. Live the Italian lifestyle through art!

Moreover, Opera highlights the epitome of the beauty behind the Italian language which intrigued audiences from the 15th century, even to this day Opera is still popular in society, with people from all over the world engaged in the magnificent art of the performance.

Instead of reading the subtitles, engross yourself in the narrative and feel the passion of the Italian language through the Opera singers!


7 – Moving to Italy

Want to pack up all your stuff and move to Italy or looking to buy a second home?

Speaking the language is vital for settling in your home and feeling at one within the country. Building a life in a different country is hard but not impossible, learning the native language will definitely give you a boost in adapting to your new life within the community.

Start your language journey by learning the basics of key phrases, this will guide you into the motions of the divine Italian language.

8 – Boost your career

We live in a competitive career environment, having a degree and gaining work experience is great but did you know, having the knowledge of a second language gives you a big lead in the race to finding a job.

Italian is a language respected all over the world, which will open many doors into big industries such as the car industry, teaching, catering. Who knew being bilingual was so rewarding?


9 – Fashion

Milan is the beating heart of fashion, home to the prestigious brands such as Armani, Prada, Valentino.

If you are a fashion guru who can talk Italian you may land yourself a job in the industry! Even if you have a key interest in fashion, visit Milan and proudly flaunt your knowledge of both fashion and the language. What’s not to love about that!



10 – Become a new You

Believe it or not, Italian is actually one of the easiest languages to learn.

As already stated, the rhythm and power of the words create a flowing sentence like a song. Once you’ve gained knowledge of the pronunciation and word tenses, you will find it very easy to become bilingual.

Spanish and Portuguese are fairly similar to Italian, even French due to lexical similarities. Although you didn’t speak a different language as a child, why not start today it will change your life!