30 cheesy Italian pick up lines to flirt in Italian

cheesy Italian pick up lines

30 cheesy seductive Italian phrases to win an Italian woman or an Italian man over

Are you wondering how Italians flirt? In this post I will give you 30 cheesy Italian pick up lines to flirt in Italian. It is a fun way to motivate you to learn Italian, just memorising isolated phrases won’t get you very far. So, embrace the whole Italian language and culture, start studying to be successful at winning your “prey” over.

For a full comprehensive understanding of the Italian dating culture please see my previous post https://www.languagesalive.com/how-to-flirt-in-italian/ 

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15 cheesy Italian pick up lines Italian guys would use to seduce an Italian woman:

  • Lo sai che hai veramente dei begli occhi? – (Do you know you have really beautiful eyes?)
  • Posso avere l’onore di portarti a cena questa sera? – (Can I have the honour to take you to dinner tonight?)
  • Sei proprio bella – (You are so beautiful)
  • Sei una donna incredibile – (You are an incredible woman).
  • Sei una creatura divina – (You are a divine creature).
  • Sei speciale  – (You are special)
  • Nessuna mi ha mai fatto sentire come te – (No woman has ever made me feel like you do)
  • Sei unica – (You are unique)
  • Mi piaci da morire –  ( I am really into you)
  • Sei davvero stupenda – (You are wonderful)
  • Sei davvero sexy – (You are really sexy)
  • Come ci si sente ad essere la donna più bella del bar? – (How do you feel knowing you are the most beautiful woman in the bar?)
  • Credi nell’amore a prima vista? – (Do you believe in love at first sight?)
  • Sei veramente elegante –  (You look so elegant)
  • Questo vestito ti dona molto –  (This dress really suits you)

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These type of pick-up lines are usually used by men who are classified as a cascamorto (a man who flirts heavily), Don Giovanni (a womanizer) or as a vitellone (a playboy coming from the countryside).

Body language tips: smile; maintain eye contact and a confident posture

Questions you should avoid:

  • Posso baciarti? – (Can I kiss you?)
  • Ti stai annoiando? –  (Are you bored?)
  • Perché ti sei lasciata con il tuo ex? – (Why did you break up with your ex?)
  • Ci vediamo domani? – (Are we meeting tomorrow?)

best Italian pick up lines

How to flirt with an Italian man:

When Italian women are interested in a man they usually use their body language to let them know the man can approach them. Meet his eyes a little longer you would normally; do not keep eye contact for too long though. Look at him periodically without staring; let him know you are looking intentionally not just scanning the room.

If he reciprocates your glances, look him in the eyes again and smile. This will be a clear signal you find him attractive and are keen for him to come and say hi. Your smile should be a playful smirk not a humours grin.
Once the ice is broken you can use a more explicit body language; stroke your hair or your face in a casual way, so he will be forced to notice your face in more detail. Then, whilst talking you can get closer and touch his shoulder or put your hand on his knee. If you are feeling adventurous whisper something in his ear and lightly touch it with your lips.

If you prefer taking a direct approach you can use the following phrases:

Mi piace il tuo stile –  ( I like your style)
Sei veramente, carino, sexy ed intelligente –  ( You are really cute, sexy and intelligent)
Mi piace stare insieme a te –  (I like to be together with you)
Voglio passare la notte con te –  (I want to spend the night with you)
Grazie per essere un buon ascoltatore – (Thanks for being a good listener)
Mi sei piaciuto dal primo istante in cui ti ho visto –  (I liked you from the first time I layed my eyes on you)
Sei diverso dagli altri – (You are different from the other men)
Sei veramente gentile – (You are really kind)
Ti trovo davvero attraente – (I find you very attractive)
Sei affascinante –  (You are charming)
Sei un bel uomo – (You are a beautiful man)
Sei un uomo interessante – (You are an interesting man)
Hai un sorriso meraviglioso – (You have a wonderful smile)
Sai farmi sorridere come nessun altro – (You make me smile like no other man does)
Ho voglia di vederti – (I want to see you)

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Please note it is more common for an Italian woman to use her body language to flirt as Italian men like to court and win the woman over. Using a direct approach could cause the man to lose interest in you, unless you are looking for a one night stand.

Best practice

Seducing a woman or a man doesn’t rely solely on pick-up lines, as a matter of fact there is so much more to it. It’s to get to know the person by having a conversation and find out each other’s interests and passions. If you are determined to date an Italian woman or man we can help you learning the Italian language and culture so you will be able to establish a strong connection from the beginning.

Using google translator could result in misunderstandings, but above all, it’s not very romantic is it? Embrace the language of love. Time out reports Italian has been voted the world’s sexiest language.
Get in touch; we are looking forward to make your Italian learning journey an unforgettable experience. Contact us at info@languagesalive.com or use our website contact form.

Raffaella is an Italian native tutor born and bred in Italy till the age of 19. She frequently goes back to Italy to visit family, friends and have a large number of Italian connections in London, UK.