Why Choose Languages Alive

Languages Alive embodies our dedication to teaching languages and cultures to reach effective communication. Our journey has been a source of continual inspiration, fueled by the joy and purpose it brings. We’re deeply thankful for the chance to impart knowledge and culture to our clients. Committed to delivering excellence, we prioritize quality education, drawing from our own ongoing educational investments.

As the founder of Languages Alive, I’m proud to lead a team of dedicated specialists, including myself. With a Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French from Kingston University, Surrey and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions from Birkbeck University, London, a renowned institution for research and teaching, I’ve undergone intensive training to teach modern languages to adults. It’s a journey that started in 1995 when I arrived in London with broken English and it’s one that fills me with pride today. I deeply believe learning a new language keeps you alive with its beautiful challenges, achievements and rewards. 

As Frank Smith says:

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”

Raffaella Palumbo 

Founder & Director

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Benefit from our wealth of experience in education with our proven teaching approach, tailor-made just for you. Our methodology blends various teaching techniques to accommodate different learning styles, recognising that each individual is unique.

We use a communicative approach, but at the same time we focus on building a strong foundation in grammar, enabling our clients to grasp the language’s structure thoroughly. This foundation serves as a springboard for achieving fluency in both speaking and writing.

Moreover, we integrate cultural awareness into our curriculum, ensuring that clients feel completely at ease and immersed in the culture when they visit the target country.

Meet Our Tutors

Our team consists of qualified tutors boasting extensive experience in teaching their native language.

Recognising the crucial role of culture in language acquisition, our tutors ensure a seamless integration of cultural insights into your learning journey. This connection is key to truly mastering the language at its essence.

Moreover, our tutors possess exceptional interpersonal skills, cultivating constructive and positive relationships with clients. This personalised approach is integral to your learning journey.