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Why I founded Languages Alive

I founded Languages Alive, because when I was teaching Italian part time, whilst working in a office, I felt and still feel Alive, full of passion and joy. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to share my knowledge and culture with my students. I believe in quality education having considerably invested long time and efforts in my own.

I am very proud to hold a Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French achieved at Kingston University, Surrey, a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions at Birkbeck University a world-class research and teaching institution in London and an intensive training for teaching modern languages to adults. Who would have thought this could happen when I first arrived in London in the faraway 1995 with a broken English?

My passion for exploring multiple cultures and cuisines also led the way to developing a unique teaching method using a hands on approach, that is teaching Italian whilst preparing the most traditional dishes made by my family, especially by Nonna Lena.

I deeply believe learning a second language keeps you alive with its beautiful challenges, achievements and rewards. As Frank Smith says:

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”


Helping people and businesses to bridge language and cultural gaps and reach their full potentials.

Our teaching style

Thanks to our extensive experience in the education field, we have developed an effective approach for teaching languages, which we are proud to offer you. it consists of a combination of teaching methods that consider various kinds of learning styles as each person is unique.

Firstly, we provide our students with a solid base of grammar, which helps them to have an in depth understanding of the language structure which facilitates spoken and written fluency.

Furthermore, we include cultural awareness in order to make students feel “at home” when visiting the target country.


Spaghetti traditional italian pasta

Learn Italian with Cookery Online

Fun cooking workshops for children in London

Fun cooking workshops for children & adults in London

One to one and small group tuition in London


All our tutors are native speakers, fully qualified with a great deal of experience in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language.

They are fully aware of the importance of culture when teaching a language. Therefore, they will help you to establish a strong link between language and culture which is essential to really understand the language at its core.

In addition, they are gifted with outstanding interpersonal skills and therefore excel in establishing a constructive and a positive relationship with clients which is essential in the learning process.

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