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The children really enjoyed making tagliatelle with you and it was something they talked about for the rest of the term! Thank you for also teaching them a lot of Italian vocabulary. Thank you Raffaella!
Helena Hamlyn
Merlin Primary School

November 2021

“Raffaella teaches my 7 and 4 year old together. She teaches in a fun and interactive way fully immersing them in the language rather than reverting to English translation. Their concentration spans inevitably vary but she is very good at changing the temple and medium of learning to keep it dynamic and engaging. Highly recommended! ”
Lucy Risorto
September 2020
“I absolutely recommend Languages Alive to anyone interested in learning Italian. I’ve been taking weekly lessons with Raffaella since August 2020 and I can’t say enough good things about her as a teacher and her lesson content. She is a supportive and engaged teacher and her instructions are always clear. My listening comprehension and my confidence to speak is improving weekly and I always look forward to my lessons."
Jennifer Dally
January 2021
“I enjoyed the lessons I took. Combining learning Italian and cooking made learning more fun. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and I found the material very helpful. She is very prompt in replying to any questions I have and the material was very well organized.”
James Rice
About the live and learn Italian program
“What a wonderful programme, that not only helps to improve Italian language skills but teaches authentic Italian recipes at the same time. Highly enjoyable. Grazie mille Raffaella!"
Ali Golds
About the live and learn Italian program 31 March 2020
“I have just completed a virtual cooking lesson with Raffaella. It's an extremely clever way of learning Italian without realising you are learning and is a lot of fun.”
Gillian Travers
About the live and learn Italian virtual experience 17 April 2020
“Lucky enough to have five sessions with Raffaella who made each one an occasion.Her gnocchi and Nonna's ciambellone are becoming family favourites."
Alan Green
18 February 2014
“Raffaella has been teaching my two young children (ages 6 & 4) Italian and she is amazing with them. She is patient and knows how to keep their attention. Loving our experience with her.”
Kelli Modica Hahn
24 June
“I’ve studied Spanish with Raffaella on one to one basis. As a busy person it was the best solution for me and also because I am not a big fun of studying in big groups.
Raffaella is very hard working and she was very patient with me as at times I had mood just to give up.
Thanks to her repeating things over and over again and taking the time to explain everything step by step my Spanish improved immensely.
Her learning is fun and she makes you feel at ease.
I´m glad I´ve met Raffaella and I would recommend her and Languages Alive to anyone who wants to learn on their own terms.”
Jana Dlouha
Business Studies combined with Spanish at Open University
“We went back for our second evening at Languages Alive a couple of weeks ago. There was a large group of us there but it worked just as well as with the smaller group we had the time before.
Raffaella is a great teacher full of energy and enthusiasm as well as being a great cook 🙂 While you don’t cook a dish entirely by yourself there is plenty of participation in all stages of preparation and also plenty of encouragement to get involved and speaking Italian.
Definitely a great evening out!”
Mark Stickely
"My 6 year old daughter loves Italian classes with Raffaella. She loves the recipes and cooks also outside the class.
During half term I took Sofia to the London Aquarium and she had to tell Raffaella about her visit.
Sofia made me list in Italian all the fish she saw at the Aquarium so she could tell Raffaella about it.
The classes are truly excellent and my little 2 year old would like to join the fun too!
But has to wait a few more years!"
Cristina Iodice
“Languages Alive have been leading our After School Cooking/Language Club for three terms now. An exciting and innovative way of learning a language whilst preparing delicious regional dishes.
Raffaella is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher whose first priority is to the children, this is evident how she leads and presents the class.
The children thoroughly enjoy it. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with Languages Alive.“
Dianne Jones
After School Club Manager @ St. Barnabas and St. Philip Primary School
‘Hola Amigos!’, I had a couple of individual lessons with Vincente, a Spanish tutor and I found him to be very prepared for classes and creative in his approach.
We focused on Business Spanish and Vincente provided some good newspaper articles on relevant Business related topics.
I rate Languages Alive very high and can recommend this company truly.”
“My language lessons with Raffaella were absolutely fantastic and my knowledge of the Italian language increased exponentially from them.
Spending a lot of time during the lesson talking in Italian with Raffaella meant that I experienced a steep learning curve and my language skills improved much faster than I had experienced in the past in large group classes.
The lessons themselves were very interesting as well, with a nice mix of language and culture.
Overall I was extremely pleased with the experience!”
Natalie Censori
Commodity Trader
“It has been a priority for us that our children speak languages outside of their mother tongue.
We strongly feel that children who speak additional languages will interact with, and understand, others more thoughtfully.
Moreover, and more specifically in our case, it has been extremely important for us to maintain our family’s heritage.
Our children’s mother and grandparents before her, were raised with Italian as their first language. Additionally, being Italians, cooking and food are extremely important!
Thus, Languages Alive was the perfect recipe to help our children learn Italian, and have fun in the process.
As a result, our children’s understanding of Italian improved dramatically during the process.
Not only in their understanding and comprehension, but in their ability to communicate. Success here was due not only to the Languages Alive programme, but to the exceptional leadership and communication skills of Raffaella Palumbo.
She not only was engaging and interesting, our children adored her, and were thus even more interested in the subject matter. In summary, we recommend Raffaella and Languages Alive highly.”
Lorella & Drew Dickson
“I had a lot of fun learning about Raffaellas nonna’s recipes while revising some basic Italian phrases at her language/cooking workshop at Osteria dell’arte in Clapham.
My husband also enjoyed the experience and the desserts we made.
Raffaella and Guido were extremely friendly and they spoke with such clarity both in Italian and English.
Nobody felt uncomfortable and there was a lot of laughter throughout the night.
I would definitely recommend that people go to the workshop.
Best of luck with your future workshops Raffaella.”
"Interazione, questo era quello che cercavo nel percorso di studio per mia figlia.
Non il solito corso di inglese che sembra una gita fuori porta.
Finalmente questa esperienza è riuscita a dare quel qualcosa in più che cercavo da mamma compulsiva nell’identificare “la migliore scuola di inglese”.
Ciò è stato possibile grazie alla professionalità di Raffaella che si è impegnata in primis con i ragazzi perché veramente riportino a casa un bagaglio che non sparisce dopo due mesi e poi con noi genitori fornendoci la massima tranquillità nell’affidargli i nostri figli."
Sabrina Marrocco
"Sono stata lo scorso anno a Londra per migliorare il mio livello di inglese e Raffaella ha rappresentato un supporto fondamentale per la ricerca di un corso valido.
Ho frequentato l’Oxford House College e mi sono trovata molto bene, a partire dal prezzo vantaggioso e dalla qualità del servizio ricevuto.
Ho frequentato il college per 3 mesi, ho ottenuto la certificazione linguistica ed ho avuto la possibilità di conoscere persone fantastiche provenienti da tutto il mondo.
In sintesi: un’esperienza che consiglio assolutamente a tutti di fare!
Alessandra Dinatolo
"Raffaella mi ha offerto la possibilità di frequentare un ottima scuola di inglese a Londra, facendomi usufruire anche di uno sconto.
É stata sempre disponibile e gentile nell’aiutarmi in ogni cosa.
La consiglio come Languages Alive e consiglio anche la scuola d’inglese Oxford House College dove ci sono insegnanti preparati ed eccellenti dove ti insegnano inglese con vari modi di apprendimento: dal fare giochi a studiare dal libro."
Marianna Napolitano
"Un’esperienza di crescita e di arricchimento per mio figlio.
Ottima accoglienza in famiglia ed a scuola e soprattutto lodevole ed apprezzabile la serieta’ , l’ impegno e la dedizione di Raffaella Palumbo,
senza la quale la vacanza studio non si sarebbe realizzata.
Anna Ricciardi
Le migliori scuole a prezzi assolutamente vantaggiosi e con tutta l’assistenza possibile da parte di Raffaella!
Filippo Dessi
BELLISSIMA ESPERIENZA a Londra !! grazie a Raffaella Palumbo sempre disponibile e di grande aiuto nella scelta Delle scuole e Delle soluzioni più comode e convenienti. Sicuramente da consigliare !
Ferdinando Delicio

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