Your Italian learning journey starts here


This innovative Italian learning experience would suit beginners or learners who would like to revise the basics from scratch. After this digital experience you will be able to talk in the present, past and future.

Moreover, it would be ideal for learners who experience fear of performance when speaking a foreign language.

This unique learning experience consists of 21 videos where I will teach you personally Italian from scratch and a few audios to help you out decreasing the fear of performance mentioned above. The length of the videos is an average of 15 minutes, but there will be longer and shorter ones.

Please note, we gathered extensive academic research on foreign language learning before creating this learning experience.

How it works

On the first day you will receive a private link that will take you to the introduction video. Furthermore, you will get a link to our private online Facebook community where you will find your learning and accountability buddy.

Thereafter, you will find all the videos, workbooks and audios on a digital platform so you can learn at your own pace.

After each video you will practise the role plays with your learning buddy and if you would like you could also complete the exercises together.

Instructions about the audios will be sent on the first day.

You can now take advantage of our pre-launch offer and pay only £49 instead of 249, the official price. Launch is expected to happen in January 2023. Sign up now, save money for Christmas and start the New Year ready to fulfil an amazing resolution. Offer will expire at midnight 28th of December 2022.

Join and download the evaluation forms right away to have an idea of your level of Italian and your psychological blocks when it comes to speaking a foreign language.

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