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Have you ever imagined you could cook delicious recipes and learn Italian at the same time for free?

Well, it is now possible and it’s just a click away!

How it works

Read your pdf whilst listening to the audio. Then revise what you have learned by reading and listening to the lesson again, and put into practice the new language you have acquired. Remember Carbonara is one of the Italian most popular dishes across the world, it looks easy to make and it is but, to get it right you need to know the tricks, the authentic ones.

It doesn’t matter if you live on the opposite side of the world or just two hours away from Italy by plane, information is now available and ready to be discovered. To receive this free gift fill out our form and it will be with you in a matter of minutes.

Learning Italian online is more fun than what you thought!

As a linguist and a tutor, I understand the difficulties you encounter when learning another language. Above all, I personally know exactly how overwhelming it can be. Well, the good news is: it doesn’t have to be! Learning should be fun, challenging in a good way, exciting and rewarding. Finally, I have the opportunity to share with you my unique approach which has been so popular in London for many years now.

I believe tradition translates into authenticity.

Dear Italian language & food lovers

Many years ago, I arrived in the UK to start an adventure that I thought was only going to last for a year. All these years later, I am still here and thrilled about it. My biggest challenge was to learn a foreign language, English and a different culture.

Back in 1995, internet wasn’t so widely available and we certainly didn’t have the chance to learn another language using our phones. In addition, sharing information in a quick and easy way wasn’t an option.

Several years later, having achieved two degrees, taught my language (Italian) extensively and enjoyed cooking for my friends following my family’s recipes, I decided to combine my two passions.

I set up my own business teaching Italian whilst cooking traditional Italian recipes.

My workshops are authentic because there is nothing lost in translation; I am a qualified Italian tutor born and bred in Italy till I was a young adult, then UK, Spain, Costa Rica and loads of travel.

I care about promoting my language and culture; I care about giving you the most authentic Italian experience ever so that you can enjoy learning from wherever you are, whenever you want.

To our success!

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Learn italian online free audio

Would you like to continue this unique learning experience?

Here is your chance to learn how to make Italian starters, gnocchi, Nonna Lena’s ciambellone, Lasagne and tiramisù. Take advantage of our offer for the whole bundle at only £25 and get our bonus lesson for free.

Limited offer!

Only for the first 20 bundles purchased get 30 minutes conversation practise online with me for free!

Our workshops in London were reviewed by The Guardian, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from a native qualified tutor who offers you an authentic cultural experience from whenever you are.

Lesson 1: Starters PDF with audio

Lesson 2: Gnocchi PDF with audio

Lesson  3: Ciambellone Edited PDF with audio

Lesson 4: Lasagne PDF with audio

Lesson 5: Tiramisù PDF with audio

I can’t wait to meet you!

A presto


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