How to flirt in Italian

how to flirt in italian

How to flirt in Italian 10 cheesy Italian pick-up lines

Last year has been filled with a whirlwind of emotions for every single human being. One thing that has got us all through this disaster, which we all need in our lives to function as humans is…LOVE. What’s not to love about love? I’m going to explore how the home of the language of love’s explore their dating culture.

From flirting like an Italian to the ingredients to a lasting relationship in Italy, I have everything you need to know about dating an Italian covered!
Now let’s start from the beginning, as previously stated- Italian is one of the most alluring languages in the world, from the moment of hearing a word spoken; your heart will immediately fall in love!

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10 cheesy Italian pick-up lines which will melt her heart

Italians are known for being the most flirtatious nation in the world, so let’s learn some typical pick-up lines to chat her up: frasi per abbordare o rimorchiare (familiar).

  • Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno: I could look at you all day
  • Dove sei stata (f.) tutta la mia vita? Where have you been all my life?
  • Mi fai sciogliere come il gelato al sole: you make me melt like ice cream in the sun
  • Posso offrirti un caffè per sciogliere il ghiaccio? Can I offer you a coffee to break the ice?
  • Nel cielo manca un angelo ma l’ho trovato: heaven is missing an angel, but I have found you
  • Scusa ti ho lasciato gli occhi addosso, mi aiuti a ritrovarli? Sorry I left my eyes on you, could you help me finding them?
  • Se vuoi salire ti mostro la mia collezione di farfalle: if you come upstairs I will show you my butterfly collection.
  • Appena ti ho vista mi sono innammorato di te!As soon as I saw you I fell in love with you.
  • Mi puoi incidere il tuo numero di telefono sul cuore? Can you engrave your telephone number on my heart?
  • Credi nell’amore a prima vista o devo farmi un giro e ritornare tra un pò? Do you believe in love at first sight or I’ll hang around and come back in a while?

Do you want to practise? Here is the pronunciation for you

The glory of the Italian language is that when these phrases are translated, the cheesiness is exemplified. However, if an attractive Italian man spotted you walking down the street and started saying these phrases whilst his eyes are glistening; I’m pretty sure you would feel weak at the knees.

Although Italian men will say these phrases to women walking in the street or in a bar, they won’t expect the woman to immediately go with them. Italian women are high maintenance and will keep men waiting for them. Italian men thrive off the waiting game and love the thought of chasing a woman in order for her to fall in love with him.

How do Italians date?

Italians are very traditional within the world of dating and romance; it is typical for the man to make the first move and pay on the first date. Although, this act may seem like a no-brainer but in our forever evolving world, women tend to make a move on a man and pay half on the first date. In Italy, if a woman is too overwhelming and keen, the man will take a step back and will probably run away.

Eye contact is very important when communicating with men in a social environment, the men use their strong eye contact as an invitation for romance. If this energy is not reciprocated by the woman, then the man will simply move on to the next bachelorette.
Italy may be the nation of love, yet their dating strategies are quite complicated. There are multiple stages within the relationship in order for the couple to be exclusive and accepted by each other’s family. Here is an example of the typical stages of dating:

  • Sto uscendo con – I am going out with… (This doesn’t mean you’re actually dating someone, this can be used to reference multiple people if you’re a serial dater.)
  • Sto frequentando I am dating. Now we’ve moved slightly up the scale of the dating ladder. However, this isn’t a definite confirmation of the couple being exclusive.
  • Sto con I am with. The couple is exclusive, but not serious yet
  • Sono fidanzata/o (old fashioned) – Ho il ragazzo, ho la ragazza. I have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Finally, being referred to as ‘fidanzato’ means the relationship is pretty serious; this is probably the stage when they meet each others families.

Meeting the family

Meeting the family is very important to Italians; this meeting is considered a big deal for everyone. Most young people still live with their families so to be able to meet the family and get on with them is a sign of approval.

For men, getting their mother’s approval is crucial for the relationship to work. If you don’t receive mama’s blessing, then I’m afraid you will no longer be dating her son. A man’s mother is his number one, no woman can ever replace his mother no matter what she does for him, a common phrase used to describe men is il mammone: mother’s boy.

No matter what age a man is, he will always rely on his mother to cook him delicious homemade meals and do his laundry. Interestingly, some men never fly the nest because of them being so content at home.

flirt in italian


Dating an Italian man: what you need to know

I will give you some facts for what to expect when dating an Italian man. Firstly, he will make the first move; Italian men are known for not being shy when showing their emotions. If they are attracted to you, they won’t be afraid to show it.

He may spot you on the street or in a bar, no matter where these men are, they are not scared to approach you. Secondly, Italian men are all about romance, they will wine and dine you in a fancy restaurant and definitely will pay for you.

On the first date, an aperitivo is usually the go to meal- a few drinks and nibbles, this is so both the man and woman remain sophisticated by not overindulging in food and alcohol.

Thirdly, style is key-fashion is vital to Italians as they pride themselves in classy clothing. When dating an Italian man, you must look the part by dressing the classic Italian style of a little black dress and stilettos. Save your casual clothes for longer down the line in the relationship, you don’t want to scare them away too early.

Lastly, Italian men are very sociable; do not expect them to message you all day, every day. One to one conversations are important either in person or over the phone. There are more chances of you finding a man in a bar than on a dating app or social media. Once in the relationship the Italian man can be quite jealous and possessive especially if from the Southern part of Italy.

10 cheesy Italian pick-up lines which will melt her heart

Dating Italian women: what to expect

Italian men and women are no different from each other. They both believe in the importance of family and building a relationship with each other’s families.

When dating an Italian woman, be prepared to meet her family, as she will have told them everything about you and what you have done for her. Her mamma and nonna will probably fall in love with you too whilst the men in her family will be giving you a glare from across the room, to make sure you do not break her heart.

Italian women are passionate about everything in their life and take extra care in themselves. Although, they’re emotional they are very strong women. The chase is very important within the build up of the relationship, the woman will not jump straight into a serious relationship, they will keep a man waiting for as long as they can, to test the man to see if he has that much interest in her. Once in the relationship Italian women can be very jealous and possessive of their man.

Please be aware, arguments can be very animated with a lot of drama involved, do not get scared, all the woman wants is for the man to go after her and beg for forgiveness.

Is it true that Italians are cheaters?

According to the Italian magazine Confidenze ( the data regarding cheating is sad, but indisputable: 50% of Italian men cheat on their partner. Only 15% of couples are willing to give a second chance to their partner.

After all, to discover to have been cheated on is (scoprire di avere le corna), can be a fatal blow. Italians are on top of the European cheating charts according to the dating site outdoing the French and Spaniards.

According to the site’s founder cheating is becoming increasingly popular in the big Italian cities with Rome in the lead with a massive 73%, followed by Milan, Napoli, Genova e Palermo. The recent study has revealed that interestingly 64% of cheaters are women followed by a 52% of men who are looking for one night stand (una scappatella).

Do not allow this data to put you off, there are Italian cities where couples tend to be faithful to each other: Bologna, Cagliari, Padova, Terni and Trapani are the leading ones. So, if you are single in search of your Italian soulmate, why not spend your next holidays in the bel paese?

We can help you out with your Italian flirting skills and to further understand the Italian dating culture.