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Successful Communication

Our language business courses will assure your employees will master the language and will be aware of the cultural communication differences giving them the tools to avoid communication failure and be successful in achieving their goals.

Our clients include Cancer Research UK who booked our Italian with cooking workshops several times

Innovative Lessons

Our lessons are innovative, include a great deal of cultural awareness which avoids communication failure in business.

Successful Business

Closing a deal with a foreign client will be much easier if the client’s language is spoken and if their customs and traditions are well understood.

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Intensive language business courses at your office

Team building activities with our innovative language and cooking workshops

Speaking a foreign language can help your business

 i.e. In Latin America, when speaking Spanish the use of “Usted” (You formal) is a sign of respect and it is a must when there is not a close relationship, even more than in Spain. Not using the appropriate personal pronoun in this case “Usted” is regarded as lack of politeness.

In some countries such as Mexico not using this pronoun properly might be interpreted as a sign of arrogance and pretentiousness.
Therefore, it is not only the language that counts but the culture which dictates “dos” and “don’ts”

Business meeting etiquette in Italy

Italians as most of Southern Europeans are relationship oriented; they prefer to establish long term business relationships based on mutual trust.

Showing emotions and sharing strong opinions whilst debating represent for Italians a sign of interest in the business itself. On the contrary, an emotional detachment indicates a lack of concern and involvement in the business negotiations. Trust is essential to close a business deal with Italians as a relevant exchange of information about a specific business proposal.

Meetings are used to further study the business proposal rather than closing the deal immediately. Therefore, they are more analysis-oriented than decision-oriented.

The objective of the first meeting is often to exchange information and details about the business proposal, but first of all, is about creating a climate of reciprocal respect and loyalty.

Introducing your business idea to an Italian business.

The best way to put forward a business proposal is to be introduced by somebody who already knows people in the company; otherwise, an email following a phone call is preferred.

Meetings take place typically at company’s office in late morning or early afternoon.

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