Live and Learn Italian through my family’s traditional recipes

Italian Carbonara

Discover the beauty of the Italian language in an easy and enjoyable way

Download your first Live & Learn Italian Carbonara lesson for only £5

You will learn how to make pasta alla carbonara, how to greet formally and informally, how to introduce yourself, vocabulary related to the recipe, nationality adjectives, masculine and feminine genders and numbers up to 10.

Open your pdf and listen to the audio I personally recorded to help you with pronunciation. In addition, you will find the recipe in Italian and in English.

Travel through history to discover the origins of this roman recipe which will be a great choice when inviting family and friends over for lunch.

Have you ever imagined you could cook delicious traditional Italian recipes and learn the language at the same time? 

Well, it is now possible and it’s just a click away!

How it works

Benefit learning the Italian language at a beginner level in a well-structured and enjoyable way. 

 Avoid wasting your time learning endless lists of words and phrases which you will systematically forget.

Our method has been designed by professional tutors to bring to you a unique Italian experience you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. 

This program will give you the tools to build a solid understanding of the Italian language and explore Nonna Lena’s traditional recipes. Nonna Lena’s has been cooking since the age of 12 and she still cooks now at the age of so the recipes have been tried and tested plenty of times.

What to do first:

Smile, not only are you about to embark on learning a beautiful language, you will also have access to Nonna’s secret recipes

  • Open the pdf
  • Start the audio which will guide you through your live & learn Italian experience. 
  • At the end of the lesson, take action and practise the new language learned through our tailor made exercises
  • Check your answers against the exercise key solutions provided on the PDF

Remember to give yourself a pat on your shoulders

What you get

6 lessons in pdf and audio for beginners containing the following Nonna’s Lena (family) recipes:

  • Pasta alla carbonara
  • Bruschetta, verdure grigliate (grilled vegetables), insalata caprese, (Caprese salad)
  • Gnocchi
  • Ciambellone (gradma’s cake)
  • Tiramsù

“You can also add an extra £25 and get 30 minutes online session with me to practice your Italian”

Normally valued at £40.

Hurry! limited time offer!

Download your first Live & Learn Italian Carbonara lesson for only £5!

Our workshops in London were reviewed by The Guardian

This is what our clients say about our Live & Learn Italian Experience program

“I enjoyed the lessons I took. Combining learning Italian and cooking made learning more fun. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and I found the material very helpful. She is very prompt in replying to any questions I have and the material was very well organized.”

James Rice

“What a wonderful programme, that not only helps to improve Italian language skills but teaches authentic Italian recipes at the same time. Highly enjoyable. Grazie mille Raffaella!”

Ali Gold

What our clients say about our virtual experiences

I have just completed a virtual cooking lesson with Raffaella. It’s an extremely clever way of learning Italian without realising you are learning and is a lot of fun

Gillian Travers

“I like the lesson very much, I love Italy 🇮🇹 and I went there for many summers and I would like to learn the language very much” 😍


Learning Italian online is more fun than what you thought!

As a linguist and a tutor, I understand the difficulties you encounter when learning another language. Above all, I personally know exactly how overwhelming it can be. Well, the good news is: it doesn’t have to be!

Learning should be fun, challenging in a good way, exciting and rewarding. Finally, I have the opportunity to share with you my unique approach which has been so popular in London for many years now.
I believe tradition translates into authenticity.

About me

I was born and bred in Italy till the age of 19. I moved in the UK in 1995 with broken English. After, a couple of years I applied to Kingston University and successfully achieve a degree in Spanish and French. After travelling over 31 countries working on board of cruise ships I came back to London and got a CLTA certificate for teaching modern languages to adults.

Driven by my passion for teaching my mother tongue Italian I combined my passion for cooking Nonna Lena’s recipes and developed an exciting teaching method, teaching Italian following my grandma’s traditional recipes.

I care about sharing my language and culture; I care about giving you the most authentic Italian experience ever so that you can enjoy learning from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Let’s start your learning journey now!

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