Learn Italian with Cookery Online

Immerse yourself in the Italian culture by cooking, and learning the Italian language, as well as, the origins of the most traditional Italian dishes. First download the written lesson/s PDF. Read each lesson whilst listening to the audio, then get to cook the most amazing dishes. Revise what you learned by reading and listening to the lesson again, and put into practice the new language you have acquired with the useful exercises at the end of each lesson.

Spaghetti traditional italian pasta
Spaghetti traditional Italian pasta

The first lesson is FREE please contact me at raffaella@languagesalive.com and I will send it to you with no obbligations.


Download your lessons here

Bonus lesson PDF with audio

L1carbonara PDF with audio

L2starters PDF with audio

L3Gnocchi PDF with audio

L4ciambelloneEdited PDF with audio

L5lasagne PDF with audio

L5lasagne PDF with audio

All thePDF