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One To One

£45 / 1hr
  • 62 / 1.5 hrs
  • 80 / 2 hrs
private italian lessons london

Private language courses

Our language classes in London are carried out only by professional language tutors with a great deal of experience in teaching their mother tongue. Private language courses are an effective solution that will speed up the learning process allowing you to achieve your goals much faster.
Choose between private Italian, Spanish, English & French lessons. Learn the language and its culture, fundamental to interact with native speakers. We want you to be able to communicate fluently and correctly, that is why we focus on conversational skills and we give you strong grammar knowledge at the same time.

Private foreign language lessons and teachers near you

A great benefit of one to one teaching is that a professional language tutor assesses your level in detail and works around your needs and schedule. As a matter of fact, the learner can choose the length of the lessons and in most cases doesn’t experience the pressure of exams or other formal evaluations. The tutor also provides materials newly designed or adapted according to the learner’s requirements.
Another advantage of private language classes is flexibility, indeed, London is an extremely busy city and sticking to rigid times can be hard or even impossible for a professional. Therefore, our private language courses are very convenient as the tutor travels to your preferred location.

private spanish lessons london
private french lessons london

Learning Environment

The learning dynamics in a one to one class are very different from those in a large group class as the teacher has more chances to create a relaxing environment suitable to the learner’s needs. However, in the vast majority of cases, private tuition is carried out in the learner’s home or office where they feel more at ease being in a familiar environment.

A few times learners choose their favourite café as an ideal place to have their lesson and therefore they do not experience the pressure of getting accustomed to a new environment. In addition, the language anxiety which is generated from the fear of making mistakes in front of others is significantly reduced. A few studies have demonstrated that a reduction of language anxiety leads to an improved language attainment.

Teaching methods & learning styles

In private language classes we observe a major shift away from a teacher centred approach to a student centred learning style. As a result, the latter assumes a much more equal role in making decisions about the lesson. Not all learners follow the same learning style as some people pay more attention to the general context, but they struggle in identifying the single parts that constitute it. These individuals have a tendency to relish social interaction and are supposedly more successful in informal language attainment given their better interpersonal skills. On the contrary, other learners are highly analytical, but less inclined to like social interaction. They are usually self-reliant and more successful in formal language learning given their superior analytic skills.

private english lessons london

One to one teaching benefits

Young people and children will also benefit from our tutors’ expertise.

Languages Alive service strives to place only the most suitable tutors who are amazing with children and teenagers.
All tutors teaching minors are DBS checked in accordance with Government regulations.

  • Have the full attention of the tutor

    This gives you more opportunities to engage in a real communication and learn from authentic sources.

  • Learn in a relaxed environment

    The teaching methods are adapted to your learning style leading to greater results

  • Avoid language anxiety

    By not sharing your learning experience with strangers

  • Choose the length, the place and the time of your lesson

    Postpone your lesson when necessary by giving only 24 hr notice

Group tutoring cost

Groups of 3

£68 / 1.5 hr
  • 86 / 2 hrs

Groups of 4

£73/ 1.5 hr
  • 91 / 2 hrs

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With private courses of Languages Alive I have been able to beat my fear of speaking a foreign language.



I needed to learn Italian for business. Today I can absolutely guarantee that with Raffaella Palumbo's private lessons I have achieved success in many projects!



Amazing experience! I never thought that in 3 months I would be able to speak Spanish. Highly recommended!



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