Payment Terms

1. Definitions.

1.1 The Company means Languages Alive sole trader, delivering language training through its trading names Language Alive.
1.2 ‘The Client’ means:
1.2.1 The individual in whose name the booking is made. The person, firm or corporation identified as enrolling a Participant on a training course or using The Company Services.
1.3 ‘The Participant’ means the person attending a training course.
1.4 ‘The Payment Fee’ means the sum payable to The Company for its Services.
1.5 ‘The Services’ mean any services supplied by The Company. These include private tuition, corporate training, language courses, language services as well as arrangements made by The Company to organise the provision of The Services. This list is not exhaustive. By agreeing with this terms and conditions, the client/s accept Languages Alive is not liable for any accidents which might happen during adult and children cooking lessons.
1.6 ‘The Teacher’ means the individual selected by The Company, as Company Personnel to conduct The Services.
1.7 ‘Working Days’ mean every day of the week excluding Saturday, Sunday and UK statutory holidays.

2. Acceptance.

2.1 The private Client accepts these Terms and Conditions by paying the whole of The Payment Fee.
2.2 Agreements with and promises made by representatives or a personnel of The Company shall not be binding unless confirmed by a Director of The Company in writing.

3. The Obligations of the Client.

The Client must:
3.1 Allow The Company a minimum of 5 Working Days to arrange the assessment or the first lesson for private tuition and corporate training. This 5 Working Day period starts running from the receipt of The Payment Fee.
3.2 Sign the time sheet provided by The Teacher at the start or end of each lesson. This shows the number of lessons completed and acts as a register.
3.3 Notify The Company of any problem related to the teaching as soon as possible to enable an early resolution.
3.4 Notify The Company of any change in the circumstances of the language training (eg: location, time within one working day with the agreement of the teacher. Some additional fees may be added if changes are made in conjunction with the prices policy of the company).
3.5 Ensure that any premises (work, home…) used for the language training comply with the basic health and safety standards.
3.6 Behave towards the teacher with correctness and politeness throughout the learning.

4. The Payment Fee.

4.1 The Payment Fee must be made directly to The Company. Any direct financial relationship with The Teacher is forbidden. Failure to comply with this prohibition shall result in a civil action.
4.2 The Payment Fee must be received prior to The Services commencement unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by a Director of The Company.
4.3 Note that The Payment Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the minimum number of students is reached.

5. Methods of Payment.

The Client can pay by:
5.1 Bank Transfer to:

Languages Alive,
Barclays Bank,
Sort code: 206651
Account: 80152544

5.2 Cheque: Payable to LANGUAGES ALIVE and sent to:

Languages Alive
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU

6. Cancellations.

6.1 General cancellation policy
Cancellations must be made by email to:

6.2 Specific cancellation policy for private tuition and corporate training.
6.2.1 Course fees are not refundable once The Services have commenced.
6.2.2 Private tuition such as one to one and small groups cancelled with less than 24 working hours notice will be charged or deducted in full.
6.2.3 Group sessions will continue to take place even if some Participants are absent. The Client is invoiced for the number of Participants initially enrolled in the group.
6.2.4 Group sessions cancelled with less than 48 working hours notice will be charged or deducted in full.
6.2.5 If the number of Participants increases, The Client must notify The Company in writing preferably 12 hours before the lesson.
6.3 Specific cancellation policy for Public courses.
For the purposes of this policy: a Public Course is a group course open to members of the public. That includes Language Classes, Cultural Awareness and Language Workshops, this list is not exhaustive. A “Term” is a Public Course lasting for 12 weeks. A “Block of Terms” is a sequence of Terms booked in advanced.
6.3.1 General conditions:

a) We require a minimum of 6 people to run a language course. In the case that The Company does not have enough participants to run a language course, The Company reserves the right to apply private tuition fees. In case the student does not agree the fee will be refunded in full.
b) No refund is made for cancellation received less than 72 Working Hours before the start date of the language course. On the other hand if notice is received up to 72 working hours before the start of the language course a 50% of the fee is refundable. Furthermore, as our language courses are organised for a limited number of participants, we regret that no refund can be arranged for lessons not attended.
c) All refunds will be paid to The Client within 14 Working Days from the first scheduled day of the language course or the date of cancellation, whichever is earlier.
d) In case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or unexpected public services interruption, any refund will be solely at Company’s discretion. This list is not exhaustive.
e) Students must sign a legal waiver freeing Languages Alive from any legal liability. This form must be signed and emailed before arrival. This is an industry standard. We assume no liability for injury, delay, inconvenience, irregularity, loss or damage to person or property or additional cost resulting directly or indirectly from the following causes: fire, acts of government, thefts, delays, cancellations or for any other events with which we have no control. No refunds will be given for any sightseeing, accommodation, meals or excursions that the participant misses or decides not to take.
f) Legal liability (Standard to the Industry)

7. Obligations of The Company.

The Company must:
7.1 Specific obligations for private tuition and corporate training.
7.1.1 Organise a full refund of the Payment Fee to The Client if The Company has not been able to arrange The Client’s first lesson within 7 to 30 working days of the Payment Fee.
7.1.2 Allocate a Teacher to The Participant according to their linguistic and professional requirements.
7.1.3 Contact The Client immediately in case that The Teacher needs to cancel a lesson.
7.1.4 Re-schedule a cancelled lesson if possible during the same week.
7.1.5 Provide The Client with an appropriate teaching program, suitable for The Participant’s specific needs.
7.1.6 Provide a replacement Teacher in case that The Teacher can no longer continue to provide The Services.
7.2. Specific obligations for Public Classes.
7.2.1 In case of unforeseen circumstances arising, The Company will endeavour to make reasonable, alternative arrangements.
7.2.3 Provide a replacement Teacher in case that The Teacher can no longer continue with the Course.

8. Company Services.

8.1 The Services commence on receipt part or whole of The Payment Fee.
8.2 The Services may be subject to a separate agreement between The Client and The Company. Should no such contract exist, the terms and conditions described herein shall apply.
8.3 The minimum duration of each session for Private Tuition and Corporate Training is 1.0 hour.
8.4 The Services are provided by The Company Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. Week-end sessions depend on availability and can be charged an additional supplement.
8.5 The Company shall reserve the right to modify or cancel any session or course in case of unforeseen circumstances arising. Private tuition and language courses modifications can include start and end date, time and location.
8.6 The Company reserves the right to make changes of Teachers whenever it considers this necessary.

9. Public Holidays.

Courses which take place on a Monday, might be affected by Bank Holidays. Some lessons do not run on Bank Holidays and missed lessons are postponed until the end of the course according to the class timetable.

10. Refunds.

10.1 No refunds will be made to The Clients if they exchange their original choice of service for one of lesser value. The difference should be paid if choosing a service of greater value.
10.2 For the “The Live & Learn Italian” the following refund conditions apply:

1) Refund in full is only available with one month notice or longer
2) Languages Alive will be able to refund only 50% in case less than a month is given
3) Languages Alive will not be liable for any refund when a notice is given with less than two weeks

10.3 There are no refunds should students miss classes or meals, either by electing to do so, or by late arrival or early departure.
10.4 If Languages Alive must cancel a program for any reason, all fees and deposits will be refunded in full. Any related travel costs will not be reimbursed.

11. Jurisdiction.

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construe in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.